Site update: re More Books

I read a good book the other day…

Regular readers may notice the new MORE BOOKS item in the menu above. When I started this blog I never intended to offer reviews of other author’s work, and I still don’t intend to do that, at least not in the sense of literary critique. I am not inviting submissions for review nor will I discuss books I did not like. Instead I’m going to tell you about some books I happen to have read and enjoyed. You might like some of them too.

Generally, I’m not going to give much of a précis of the story as many reviewers do. You can perfectly well read the author’s blurb to find that out. I’ll just say what caught my attention. First up to test the system will be a modified version of an old post about Peter May’s THE LEWIS MAN. I’ll add new posts from time to time in my usual haphazard way. Use the RSS feed or the email feed (sidebar, on the right) if you want notice whenever something new is added, and by all means add your own comments at the foot of any page, provided they’re not libellous or otherwise objectionable.

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