The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

I read a good book the other day #6

NB: Watch out for the TV adaptation starting Sunday 15th February 2015 in the UK.
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A tale of corruption in local government with all the shenanigans we see or suspect of our local councillors every day (well, I do, anyway). One side of the argument in the Parish council want to close a drug rehab building that they feel attracts undesirables to the town. The other side, the local doctor and other worthies, side with the undesirables.

Everyone has something to hide. Nobody is innocent. Very few deserve better than they get, but J.K’s portrayal of one character in particular, a damaged teenage girl coping valiantly with life in a sink estate battered from all sides by drug pushers and the sort of mother nobody should be afflicted with (and yet, you can see it’s not all her fault either…), is sympathetic, tragic and very true-to-life.

Read The Casual Vacancy for a better and more profound understanding of what some folks have to put up with in the real world. Well observed, J.K., with some very cutting and insightful lines that certainly made me sit up and think twice. 5/5 stars. I thought it was brill. I hope the UK TV adaptation does it justice.


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