The Detective’s Daughter by Lesley Thomson

I read a good book the other day #7

Image: The Detective's Daughter book jacket

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A Marmite read (UK expression). Loved or loathed by reviewers (try a few at Amazon). Not exactly a detective mystery, though there is a mystery solved. Very complicated plot. Took me several chapters to get the hang of Thompson’s peculiar characters and the minute detail of their puzzling lives. Take, for instance, the weird London underground train driver who secretly lives in other people’s houses (while they are present, mark you, without their noticing). In the course of developing this character Thompson goes into considerable detail about the workings of the London underground system. I’m guessing this is intentional, to cloud the issues and obscure the truth until the end as well as to convey the strangeness of this character, which it does pretty satisfactorily. You might have to persevere, but it does all come together in the end. I was puzzled at first, then drawn into the plot, and finally I did enjoy it, which is a pretty good result overall and more or less what every author tries to achieve with what I’ll characterise as literary mystery. So, four stars. Give it a shot. Challenging, but you don’t always want easy reading, after all.


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