The Wool Trilogy by Hugh Howey

I read a good book the other day #3

Book jacket: The Wool Trilogy

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Three books in one: WOOL, SHIFT and DUST. Be warned, it’s very, very long… but I still had to read to the end to find out what happened. Isaac Asimov wrote The Gods Themselves, which might have been an apt title for The Wool Trilogy in an ironic sort of way. Deservedly famous. Dystopian future in which all life is deliberately destroyed save a select few hundred thousand who live underground in protective silos. Well thought out logic, except for one or two tiny niggles: an underwater scene for example where, as a sport diver myself I quibbled with the practicalities, but Hugh resolved the issue with an explanation near the end that I had stupidly not seen coming. All Hugh’s characters behave believably. Free of superheroes, zombies and fantasy beyond the fantastical, but frighteningly possible premise on which the whole story rests. I don’t usually buy this genre but enjoyed Hugh’s contribution all the same. Four good stars. Give it a go.

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