Vindicated! Shares in Elastoplast set to soar…

I occasionally stand accused of being a curmudgeon. The persecution point to the facts that I’m not much into Skype or social media generally. You won’t find me on Facebook or twitter. I don’t even have a reliable home broadband connection, but rely instead on a mobile device that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I was eventually badgered by well-meaning relatives into having one of these new-fangled mobile ’phones, but hesitated the other day to open a PayPal account because PayPal wanted to know my number (Why?).

I admit to writing some time ago tongue-in-cheek about the precautionary sticking plaster that covers the lens of the webcam on my laptop. Faced with such damning evidence I plead guilty m’lud, with knobs on.

But whadayaknow? On the TV news this week I hear that an eighty-strong international nest of thieves and spies have been arrested for using software that can remotely turn on the webcam of your laptop and spy on you while you work (or whatever it is you do with your laptop…)

Call me paranoid, but if industrial espionage-ists (is that a word?) can do that then you can bet your boots there is some sad, twisted nutter out there who has nothing better to do than spy on you!

I confidently predict a worldwide rush on sticking plasters. In fact, I’m off to the corner shop now to buy a copy of the FT. Forget Pfizer/AstraZenica: What price are shares in Elastoplast today… :)

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